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The Black Pearl's Hold

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The Black Pearl's Hold is the database and web-directory for Pirates of the Caribbean fandom, useful also for the other Age of Sail fandoms. I recommend reading The Ship Manifest for a start.
The Quartermaster - aletheiafelinea (Send a message rather there, if you need a quick reply).

If you want to keep an eye on this journal, don't ask, friend away! The Hold is supposed to be just it - a convenient store of useful goodies. Nevertheless, I won't friend you back - please, don't be surprised and hurt. It's cause The Hold is supposed to be nothing more than a convenient store. It's not my personal journal (that's aletheiafelinea, feel invited :). Don't worry - The Hold hasn't any friendlocked bits, you won't miss anything.


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General disclaimer: I'm not the owner nor the author of resources, sites and documents listed in this journal. I assume that an user of this web-directory is aware of that some of links can lead to sites with adult content and possibly offending materials – in cases when such a content is directly under the link or without the warning on the site, then it's properly marked on the journal's list; in the other cases, I assume that the user is able to mind for warnings and markings put in sites themselves.

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