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PotC costumes, make-up and personal weapon

The list doesn’t contain shops with replicas for sale.

PotC costumes on LJ - potc_costume, potc_costumes

PotC in The Customer’s Guide to Movie Costumes
A lot of photos and tips for cosplayers.

Jack Sparrow Costuming
Very thorough and detailed analyses for cosplayers.

James Norrington’s CotBP waistcoat

Captain Teague
Analysis and re-creation of the costume.

Will of a Sparrow
A formerly excellent source; now the most of the site is lost, but even these sparse remainders are valuable. Very detailed analyses of Elizabeth’s costumes in CotBP.

Nicole Kipar’s late 17th Century Clothing History
PotC costumes and the real history. (The article nonexistent anymore on the original server).

Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props (photos from displays of original costumes) - CotBP (Elizabeth), CotBP (Barbossa), DMC (Norrington), DMC (Dutchman’s crew), AWE (Beckett), OST, OST (Jack Sparrow 1), OST (Jack Sparrow 2), OST (Angelica), OST (Barbossa), OST (Blackbeard), OST (Teague), OST (Zombie Quartermaster)

Sword & Stone
The official site of the company which made swords for PotC. (Click the CotBP poster).

The Internet Movie Firearms Database - CotBP, DMC, AWE, OST

Make-up artists
Joel Harlow - Official site
Martin Samuel - Official site, an interview,
Richard Redlefsen – Official site (PotC in the part ‘Character’).
Keith Vanderlaan - Official site (click Project Gallery --> Film --> Pirates of the Caribbean)
Kelcey Fry - Official site (click posters)
Ken Niederbaumer - Official site (PotC photos in ‘On site’).



( 2 tales — Tale to tell, m'heartie? )
Jul. 20th, 2011 08:56 pm (UTC)
Not really sure if this is how things work, but I have a link for a costume study, if you'd like to add it to the list.

Captain Teague

Also, I think your first link was meant to lead here rather than back to this post. Just a guess. :p
Jul. 21st, 2011 06:30 pm (UTC)
Ow... indeed. Thank you very much. Fixed.
And thank you for the link. Added. I'll be grateful for any other treasures in future. :) And thank you for your interest!
( 2 tales — Tale to tell, m'heartie? )

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