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The guide for new souls aboard.

Ahoy, Mate!
If you're here for the first time and just wondering what the heck is it, sit down, please. Here's a mug for you, make yourself at home and lend an ear to a some tale. What...? We're in a hold, you say? An apt remark, a sharp-eyed one, you are. But a tiny correct is needed here - not a hold. That's The Hold.

A few years ago, on a some ship sailing far from these waters, a some plan was formed. To create a well-supplied haven for the pirate brethren, that is the great and rich resource for the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom, the plan assumed.
It was realized. In summer 2008, on a some fan-forum, the section called 'Ładownia' (The Hold) began to take shape and it's continued to this day. At now, the database and web-directory contains three to four thousands of links and, in the very rough and careful estimate, gives access to at least fifty thousands of screencaps, stills, posters and so on; about twenty thousands of fanfics; innumerable amount of fanarts... and much more other goodies. Alas, for the most part of the fandom, the database has a grave disadvantage - it's in Polish.

The Black Pearl's Hold, in which you just are, is the sister project of the old Ładownia, this time in English. It isn't and won't be the exact copy, for many reasons: a different structure of the content, due of another system used here, that is, a blog, not a hierarchic phpBB; also changes occurred in the still living fandom and the Internet in general, and so on, and et caetera...
You can find here treasures and assets useful for PotC fans, especially for writers and artists of the fandom. The each entry contains another sort of contents, mostly in the form of the list of links: galleries, archives, references... To search for a some particular information, you should look at the Inventory, that is the tag list; the detailed list is also at the bottom of this entry. Or if it turns out not enough, then simply ask me. But mind I'm not here every day or even every week, so if you need the quick reply, go to my main account aletheiafelinea, please.

However, at least one essential feature of the old database is maintained also here - when there's a some new addition of the sort just existing in The Hold, then it goes to the proper place, what means that the old entry is edited. New entries will be added only for the new sorts of content, but the both kinds of changes - a new entry and edition of an old entry - will be announced in my main journal aletheiafelinea.

I hope The Hold will be of use for you, of all Age of Sail fandoms, not only PotC. Every comments, remarks and suggestions are welcome. Have a good time!

The Inventory

The Movie - Information & Materials
PotC titles - languages and countries
PotC graphics - general galleries
PotC screencaps
PotC costumes, make-up and personal weapon
PotC ships

The Fandom & Fanworks
Other PotC web directories
PotC masterlists and guides for newbies
Guide to PotC communities on LJ
PotC fic writers 0-C, D-F, G-J, K-N, O-R, S-T, U-Z
PotC - fic archives outside of LJ

History - Resources
Historical maps
Dictionaries - sea and seamanship
Dictionaries - old slang & informal language
Medicine at sea


( 2 tales — Tale to tell, m'heartie? )
Jun. 12th, 2011 09:05 am (UTC)
This is great - thanks for all your work!
Jun. 12th, 2011 08:40 pm (UTC)
Glad to be useful! :)
( 2 tales — Tale to tell, m'heartie? )

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